Dnyandeep Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Khed, (Ratnagiri)'s

Dnyandeep College of Science and Commerce


Code of Conduct

Code of conduct


The main reason of providing the code is to provide a clear set of guidelines on how students are expected to behave themselves in their day-to-day work and how they are expected to behave towards each other. Friendly atmosphere help students to avoid hesitation while asking problems. Adherence to these guidelines will help in providing an open, tolerant and friendly atmosphere that is conducive to learning. It also aims to promote high standards of discipline.

Conduct and relationship:

> Treat everyone with dignity, respect privacy and help those in need.
> Respect different cultures and customs.
> Be sensitive to the rights of others.
> All members are treated equally.
> Suggestions are always welcome.

Code of conduct for the students

Dress Code:

> Dnyandeep College has its own dress code for science and Commerce. There will be no change in the dress code which is decided by the institute.
> Students are not permitted to wear revealing clothes. Students are advised to adhere to Indian culture and ethos.
> Students not adhering to above will not be allowed to attend classes and will forfeit the attendance for classes missed.
> For repeated violations after 3 times warning students will be suspended from attending classes for 15 days and the parents will be informed accordingly.


> Every student must have minimum 75% aggregate attendance of < the total number of lectures conducted.
> Students will not be eligible to appear for the examination if he/she fails to put in the required attendance.
> Attendance for the guest lecturer is mandatory.
> No attendance will be granted for any illness.

Identity Card and related documents:

> Identity card is a symbol of belonging to a premiere institution of University.
> Its identification in the event of accidents, medical and other emergencies.
> After admission and commencement of the batch each student is issued an identity card by the Administration Department.
> Students are required to carry their identity cards at all times. They may ask to produce the Identity Card on and by personnel authorized by University for purpose of identification.
> Identity Card will contain the student’s Name, Batch details permanent registration number, Programme detail.
> In case loss of Identity Card, a duplicate Identity Card will be issued on a written request subject to the approval of the Principal and payment of applicable fee.
> Without Identity Card students are not allowed in the College or College Campus.


> Use of Mobile in the College Campus or academic block of the institute is strictly prohibited. Violation of the rule will result in heavy fine and confiscation of the Handset.
> Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against the student using loud/ impolite talk / use of unparliamentarily language.
> Damage to institute and campus property due to negligence / lack of care would attract punishment and compensation for loss caused.
> No Society or association of the students will be started without written permission of the concerned authority.
> No Social get-together of students will organized without written permission of the institute.
> Collection of funds or sponsorship in any form will not be permitted without the written consent of the institute.
> No person shall be invited to address or entertain the students of the college, without previous written pervious permission of the institute.
> Consumption or possession of alcohol / drugs and being under their influence while on campus or at function is prohibited. Appropriate action will be taken by the Principal.
> Personal, Social - Spiritual – Religious Commitments and beliefs will not be entertained at all.
> Students have to be in College Uniform at Campus.
> Appearance of the students should look sober, especially hair-style, beard etc.
> Students have to attend all regular lectures as well as extra lectures even after the regular schedule without any complains and concession.